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Document Selling Terms and Conditions

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Selling Documents - Terms and Conditions

Only documents original documents, from the original author/creator (you) are eligible. If your document contains any plagiarism whatsoever, it is not an acceptable document. We reserve the right to remove any document at any time. By listing a document on our site you give the exclusive rights to sell the document through our web site. You also agree to give the buyer the rights to use your document in any manner of usage, except for a gain in profit, resale, trade, or in any manner of violation of any copyright laws.  Because you are entitling to exclusive rights to list your document on our site, you may never list, post, trade, sell, or give the document you have listed to any company, web site, or other entity while the document is available on When you submit a document with any amount of plagiarism, and it is reported, it will be declined. Depending on the severity of the plagiarism, your account may be terminated, as well as any other papers you've submitted. You also agree that any document you submit containing plagiarism, despite being declined, will remain in our database for future cross-checking and any other uses may utilizes it for in the future.

What is

It is a website that was designed to make documents available to customers, while also providing a market for co publishers to profit from expertise with sales from original documents they have created.

How much does it cost to sell a document on

It’s free!!! You pay nothing to use the site unless you choose to purchase a document.

How do I make money?

It’s EASY. All you have to do is post a document and set a price. The document can be bought by any number of people, and you get paid. You could sell something for $5 to 500 hundred people and make $2,500.00 dollars in gross sales. would mail you a check for $1,250.00 a 50/50 split of gross sales.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If a customer report a plagiarized/copyrighted document and, after review, it is also deemed such by a employee, the customer will receive a full refund. Any credits will be charged back to you.

Is it free to post documents for sale?

Yes, it is completely free to post documents. Once they have been purchased, the commission will be taken to pay for and the rest will be mailed to the address you have provided.

How truly anonymous is the site?

It is totally anonymous, as your identity can only be seen by a few employees. The information given to will NOT be given out to a third party.

Will my name be tied to documents that people buy from me?

No, none of your personal information can be viewed by anyone on the site, other than your username (which you determine).

What kinds of documents can be posted on the site?

Any documents or files relative to the categories we have listed. Other documents may be offered. Please contact and let us know what you have.  

How should I price my document?

There is a minimum selling price of $5.00 per document and there is no maximum. We will review the document you submit. If it is too high we will suggest a lower price. If its too low we may suggest a price increase.

If someone buys a document of mine, how do I get the money?

Payment  will be sent by check or via PayPal to the address/email address you have provided and it will be made out to the name you have provided. Checks will be mailed every 30 days providing there is over $5 in your earnings account.

Should I remove my name from documents that I post?

YES. If your name is on a document that you post, it will no longer be anonymous.

Is there a limit as to how many documents I can post on the site?

No, you can post as many as you would like.

How do I get started?

Click here to upload your document. We will Copyscape, virus scan, and review your document. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a final approval.

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